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Holiday Nourishment

With school holidays finally here, families are relaxing or getting ready for a trip away and those still working appreciate the lighter traffic and general ‘quietness’ that comes with holidays.  Autumn brings a breathing out for all of us and we look towards those activities we’ve been wanting to learn or do but haven’t had the time.   Finally we get the chance to find a great book to read or a new jigsaw for the table for everyone to help with, time for games and laughter, for creating with crafts of all sorts, drawing and painting, days full of imaginative play or time to gently enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of our shop with a cuppa and handmade organic delights.

Silver Tree Steiner School Spring Fair & Open Day

Come and see The Honeyclock   at Silver Tree Steiner School’s Spring Fair & Open Day tomorrow from 10 – 3.  We have just packed up some of the shop and will be bringing a large selection of our books, wooden people and wheeled toys, puzzles and games, dolls, a selection of our Sphagni range and bath milks and a sprinkling of Christmas goodies for early birds including our beautiful advent calendars.

Experience Silver Tree’s beautiful school, set in bush surroundings, visit open classrooms and chat about Waldorf education.  Enjoy community stalls with high quality crafts, books, clothing & gifts, garden art & photography exhibits. Storytelling & entertainment.  Enjoy home made food, cafe-style coffee, tea & cake.

See you there!

Natural, wooden TOYS

We need to be careful with children’s environments – including the colours, sounds and toys which surround them – so as not to hinder healthy development. 

Similarly, we should pay great attention to the quality of the materials of children’s toys.  In sympathy with the developing form of the child’s inner organs, play materials from the organic realm are particularly appropriate.  The variety of their shapes, the quality of their surfaces, their natural density and weight are unmatched.  Natural materials greatly extend the range of experience and enhance children’s sensitivity… even the simplest objects provide children with food for the imagination.

In addition to the things which we find ready-made in nature, we can add those objects which have been formed by the human hand through craft work.  Bearing in mind the importance of the child’s unfolding imagination, we should try to make such toys as simple and as beautiful as possible.‘ (from Toymaking with Children by Freya Jaffke)

We have a  wonderful selection of natural toys to enrich children’s imagination and play and are currently adding them to our web site, have a look and feel free to share them –

Wooden Toys to inspire the imagination

Doll Houses & Furniture

Wooden Vehicles

for older children Games & Puzzles