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Sphagni – protecting and supporting

More and more often we hear from people who are looking for support and help in their everyday lives for themselves, their children, their families and friends.  With feelings of a world pressing in on us and so much over stimulation we look for relief.  A product we always recommend is Sphagni.  Wearing Sphagni provides a boundary and feels like you are covered in a special membrane, filtering external circumstances, stimuli and experiences.  Sphagni is blended with plant oil emulsions each adding their own unique assisting qualities:  Rose, Lavendulae, Santili (Sandalwood), Hyperici, Rosemary, Citri and Eucalypti.

For more information see our Sphagni page.


Silver Tree Steiner School Spring Fair & Open Day

Come and see The Honeyclock   at Silver Tree Steiner School’s Spring Fair & Open Day tomorrow from 10 – 3.  We have just packed up some of the shop and will be bringing a large selection of our books, wooden people and wheeled toys, puzzles and games, dolls, a selection of our Sphagni range and bath milks and a sprinkling of Christmas goodies for early birds including our beautiful advent calendars.

Experience Silver Tree’s beautiful school, set in bush surroundings, visit open classrooms and chat about Waldorf education.  Enjoy community stalls with high quality crafts, books, clothing & gifts, garden art & photography exhibits. Storytelling & entertainment.  Enjoy home made food, cafe-style coffee, tea & cake.

See you there!