Holiday Nourishment

With school holidays finally here, families are relaxing or getting ready for a trip away and those still working appreciate the lighter traffic and general ‘quietness’ that comes with holidays.  Autumn brings a breathing out for all of us and we look towards those activities we’ve been wanting to learn or do but haven’t had the time.   Finally we get the chance to find a great book to read or a new jigsaw for the table for everyone to help with, time for games and laughter, for creating with crafts of all sorts, drawing and painting, days full of imaginative play or time to gently enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of our shop with a cuppa and handmade organic delights.


One response to “Holiday Nourishment

  1. A funny thing, you know, choice of education “Hippies” make for their offspring. This was a statement make by my 24 yo education student daughter & echoed by my sons. Laced with disdain & heavy judgement. So a little subterfuge was in order. A little coffe break at The Honeyclock, a short stop off at Waldorf to drop some paper work…we now have an up & coming early childhood teacher incorporating Steiner styled teaching & story time, making organic treats & bread making with her kiddies! Hahahahaha tricked you Cally my girl, now you’ll never escape the wonder of our world. I love you Honeyclock x

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