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Moving Sale

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Moving with the winds

As many of you will know The Honeyclock has been for sale since February.  Our buyer doesn’t seem to have found their way to us just yet however we are still hopeful they are on their way.  In the mean time we have discovered we will need to vacate our current premises and so our last trading day in our current light filled shop will be Saturday 14 June, that’s about 6 weeks away.
If you are not on our mailing list or our ‘friend’ on Facebook, or following our ‘blog’ and you want to stay up to date with where we move to please send us your email address and we can add you to our ‘moving notification’ list and keep you fully informed and up to date with our movements.
In the meantime make sure you come in and see us and stock up on all your favourite goodies while stocks last

MvZ; Play the Violin

Marjan van Zeyl ‘Play the Violin’


Accessing the greatest treasure within…

“Stumbling through life, gazing at the stars, we can miss the greatest treasure beneath our feet.  For the ordinary faculties of our soul – how we think, how we feel, how we act – are the rough & fallen forms of our highest spiritual capacities”*. The teacher and seer, Rudolf Steiner, talked of 6 simple exercises, which take just a few minutes of each day, and are power tools for personal growth and inner strengthening.   I have been practicing these exercises over many years and every time I consciously set my being to incorporate them into my day I feel the breadth of my inner world widen allowing me a clarity that reflects inwardly & outwardly.   We have four books on these exercises in our shop –

$23 a collection of Dr Steiner's statements on the exercises

$23 a collection of Dr Steiner’s statements on the exercises

“These exercises are simple, but demanding.  By strengthening our capacity to pay attention, they allow us to say the right word & have the fresh thought just when we need to.  They gradually lead us out of the mire of distraction & confusion, & allow us to practice what we need most:  continual presence of mind.”*

* from Stairway of Surprise Michael Lipson $24.95

Calendar of the Soul

Have you ever contemplated the effect of the changing seasons of the year on your inner life?  Have you ever worked with Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul?  “In listening week by week to the changing language of the year, the soul will find a way to discover also its own nature: it will realize how forces are stirring within its being and giving it new life and strength.”  Rudolf Steiner in ‘The Illustrated Calendar of the Soul’.

A new pubSeasons of the Soullication by Michael Hedley Burton brings something quite new to working with these verses.  Burton is the author of ‘In the Light of a Child’, where the verses were given in a form appropriate for children.  Now, in his new book, ‘Seasons of the Soul’, he offers verses that have been freely paraphrased and translated, and combines them with original poems in which he hopes to “release some of the incredible concentration” of the verses in German.  His foreword and introductory chapters contain an exploration of some of the questions relating to working with the calendar in the southern hemisphere and the tropics.  Anybody who has worked with the Calendar of the Soul, or wanted to, will find a work of immense value in this book.

Calendar 1912 - 1913 Another publication we have in stock is a ‘Facsimile Edition of the original book containing the calendar created by Rudolf Steiner for the year 1912-13’.  It contains an English introduction, the Facsimile Edition (in German) containing monthly, weekly and daily cosmic references, a translation of all the verses, and Rudolf Steiner’s sketches.  It is a fascinating book for the dedicated student.

Some of the other Calendar of the Soul publications also available