Fond Recallings


A visit to’ The Honeyclock,’

The entrance is a flurry of possibilities.

Taking a deep breath I step,

Two feet securely inside.

Eyeing to my left, a shelf of suggestions.


Stepping away for a wider view

My index finger clean, has its own impulse

Tracing sensuously over the cover of a book,

then another. I am aware my head tilts to the left,

Reaching a known place. My mind flashes:

’ What are you doing child! Keep going!’


A fantasy- I would love to live in the gentle colours,

Or take up residence here, or be a spirit in the night.

Seated on the floor, reading until the sun

Hoists dawn over the horizon, sunrise!

Munching on the occasional chocolate brownie.

Time for taking my mind, to the delicious delirium

of the world’s most esoteric thoughts.


What more could a girl want……mmmmm.

Rudolf Steiner seated next to me,

Answering my manifold of questions,

To sooth my impatience to understand.

Maybe it was he

I felt on my right side, he who scoffed the cookies.


Book, so many books!

The wisdom held in the interleaved pages.

How to choose?  This one, I will take this one, no this one!


“‘Christianity as Mystical Fact’, that’s it! How much is it Sharon?”

Forty two dollars.

So reasonable for a book containing the highest,

The highest of esoteric wisdom!


By one of our beautiful customers


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