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Closed for Trading

The Honeyclock is now closed for trading

Thank you to our customers for sharing wonderful conversation and inquiring question and giving us your support and encouragement while delightfully participating in the warmth that has been The Honeyclock. 

We radiate out warm shining light to you all.  May it shine brightly in each and every one of you and ray out from you to others, just as it did at The Honeyclock.

Keep your lights shining and your warmth glowing and remember ‘honey time’. 

With huge gratitude, big hugs of thanks and years of beautiful memories,

goodbye to you all, Sharon

PS:  Where to go now for

Anthroposophical Books; Rudolf Steiner Book Centre, Sydney – they will post & have an online store as well

Sonett & Dr H; I will be helping a friend set up a bakery in George Street, East Fremantle and we will be selling these brands when we open in Spring, but until then you can get Dr H from David Jones in Claremont or Perth and both Sonett and Dr H online from

Wool Fleece & yarn; Bilby Yarns – just down the road, cnr of Harrison & Hillary St, Willagee 9331 8818

Sphagni; Southern Swan, Tasmania, they will post or (03) 6295 1248

Homeopathic Remedies; Madelin Clare 0457 699 666 or

Hand dyed felt; variegated or plan at Sharon Richard’s Etsy Shop ‘Hands for Design’

Lyra/Stockmar Pencils & Supplies; go online to Mercurius Australia

Toys:  Fun, Form & Function in Mosman Park (they have a touch of some of what we had) or online at Honeybee Toys


Fond Recallings


A visit to’ The Honeyclock,’

The entrance is a flurry of possibilities.

Taking a deep breath I step,

Two feet securely inside.

Eyeing to my left, a shelf of suggestions.


Stepping away for a wider view

My index finger clean, has its own impulse

Tracing sensuously over the cover of a book,

then another. I am aware my head tilts to the left,

Reaching a known place. My mind flashes:

’ What are you doing child! Keep going!’


A fantasy- I would love to live in the gentle colours,

Or take up residence here, or be a spirit in the night.

Seated on the floor, reading until the sun

Hoists dawn over the horizon, sunrise!

Munching on the occasional chocolate brownie.

Time for taking my mind, to the delicious delirium

of the world’s most esoteric thoughts.


What more could a girl want……mmmmm.

Rudolf Steiner seated next to me,

Answering my manifold of questions,

To sooth my impatience to understand.

Maybe it was he

I felt on my right side, he who scoffed the cookies.


Book, so many books!

The wisdom held in the interleaved pages.

How to choose?  This one, I will take this one, no this one!


“‘Christianity as Mystical Fact’, that’s it! How much is it Sharon?”

Forty two dollars.

So reasonable for a book containing the highest,

The highest of esoteric wisdom!


By one of our beautiful customers


1 week left SALE

A5 discount sign

Closing or Moving

 Closing or Moving
…a  question that has been asked often in the last few weeks.  We have been waiting for a buyer to come along and take The Honeyclock to it’s next home, however sadly, they haven’t found their way to us, so we are closing down.  Our last day will be NEXT Saturday, (14th June).  That’s only 7 more trading days!
We are still hopeful The Honeyclock will grow up again somewhere in the near future and as you are on our mailing list we will notify you when and where this happens.
Thank you so much for all that you have given, your support at The Honeyclock is what made it shine so brightly.  We can’t say THANK YOU loud enough


‘Community in a book shop –  I remember a very inspiring morning with Jane Maywood on one of my first visits to the Honeyclock.  We will miss the beautiful space you created.  May it spring up again rested and renewed’ x Corina

If you have any memories you would like to share with us we would love to read them…


Moving Sale

Moving Sale A5

Moving with the winds

As many of you will know The Honeyclock has been for sale since February.  Our buyer doesn’t seem to have found their way to us just yet however we are still hopeful they are on their way.  In the mean time we have discovered we will need to vacate our current premises and so our last trading day in our current light filled shop will be Saturday 14 June, that’s about 6 weeks away.
If you are not on our mailing list or our ‘friend’ on Facebook, or following our ‘blog’ and you want to stay up to date with where we move to please send us your email address and we can add you to our ‘moving notification’ list and keep you fully informed and up to date with our movements.
In the meantime make sure you come in and see us and stock up on all your favourite goodies while stocks last

MvZ; Play the Violin

Marjan van Zeyl ‘Play the Violin’


How to be an explorer of the world?

at any given moment, no matter where you are, there are hundreds of things around you that are interesting and worth documenting’* .  Its amazing what we experience when we document something (whether by drawing or writing), when we look deeper we find details, patterns, characteristics and colours we never new existed.  All the different parts of whatever it is we are looking at.  Try looking around you this week and noticing detail, be an Explorer of this amazing world we live in.How to Live Forever (detail)

*  from ‘How to be an explorer of the World’ by Keri Smith

left; detail of cover photo from ‘How to Live Forever’ by Colin Thompson

We are once again OPEN

MvZ; On the BeachSummer is here and The Honeyclock is once again OPEN and hummmming.  We are bursting with school supplies, the last of our Christmas Stock is reduced and new goodies are making there way to us daily.  Our coffee nook is offering delicious drinks and yummy foods, try our new Chewy Apricot Spelt cookies.  We wish you all a wonderful NEW YEAR and look forward to helping you in what ever way we can.  See you soon!


… a word I have been contemplating, what does it actually mean to just ‘be’? I began asking people what they felt ‘being’ was.  There was mostly a lot of ‘well that’s a big question…’, un-answering, until a beautiful woman called Maria came into our shop.  We got to talking, as often happens in The Honeyclock, and she spoke about how we take our ‘beings’ with us where ever we go and how do we allow our being to be….   in what ever situation we are in right now.  So, now I am contemplating further…


Sunflowers by Christine Thomas