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Workshops for Term 2

Tree alone As the cooler Autumn mornings begin to turn your attention inward to the gentle task of creating, where will you begin?  With new inspiration sent by changeable weather, with memories picked up from unfinished projects, longing to be completed or will you look within to see what new perspectives you can discover there.  Where will you begin?

This term we offer you a sprinkling of workshops, from a free Creative Morning to a knitting workshop beginning with the humble square, soft pastel drawings: looking at ‘the tree’ in all of us and a talk on resilience, in you and your family.   For full information see our workshop page.

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Harken to Spring, Our Birds Hear Them Sing!

We asked local artists to help us fill the store with birds for the beginning of Spring; we have contributions from Pauline Franklyn, Nicole Lawrence, ‘Little Bits’, Sharon Clifford, Christine Scuderi and Sara Hemphill.  Thank you lovely ladies, our shop feels wonderful and as they fly out the door to wonderful homes we have enjoyed having them nest with us…..