Play Silks

silkscapesPlay silks allow imaginations to create and flow with the changing moods of play.

Uses are limited only by ones imagination;  Squares of 90cm can be used for flowing landscapes, table cloths or dress ups: cloaks, skirts or wraps.  Squares of 53cm can be used for wrapping dolls or bundles of treasures or in the centre of a table.  A rectangle length of 2.7m long can be used for draping over tables or frames to create forts, cubbies and private little enclosures, even over a bassinet, cot or bed.    Each size is available in a range of plain and/or variegated colours.

Hand wash, hang dry. We find children love to wash these themselves in a sink or bucket outside. The silk feels different and interesting when wet!

Above image shows variegated colours – rainbow, sea, starry night, blossom and fire.  For more information see our web page playcloths and silks.



Reaching for the Moon

Reaching for the Moon (audio CD)… and other wisdom tales

A new double Story CD has been released by Australian Storyteller Jenni Cargill-Strong.   ‘Inspire your child to be kind, generous and resilient’ with ancestral tales of wisdom that have been lovingly reinterpreted for a modern audience.  They will stimulate your child’s imagination, retain interest for years and can be enjoyed by the whole family.  Perfect for rest-time, long journeys and holidays.  For more information on her other Story CD’s see our previous blog A Story is a gift that lasts a lifetime…’ 

The Bringer of News

First Spring GreetingFebruary NEWSLETTER , out now, there’s sure to be something to inspire

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How to be an explorer of the world?

at any given moment, no matter where you are, there are hundreds of things around you that are interesting and worth documenting’* .  Its amazing what we experience when we document something (whether by drawing or writing), when we look deeper we find details, patterns, characteristics and colours we never new existed.  All the different parts of whatever it is we are looking at.  Try looking around you this week and noticing detail, be an Explorer of this amazing world we live in.How to Live Forever (detail)

*  from ‘How to be an explorer of the World’ by Keri Smith

left; detail of cover photo from ‘How to Live Forever’ by Colin Thompson

We are once again OPEN

MvZ; On the BeachSummer is here and The Honeyclock is once again OPEN and hummmming.  We are bursting with school supplies, the last of our Christmas Stock is reduced and new goodies are making there way to us daily.  Our coffee nook is offering delicious drinks and yummy foods, try our new Chewy Apricot Spelt cookies.  We wish you all a wonderful NEW YEAR and look forward to helping you in what ever way we can.  See you soon!

Christmas & Holiday Hours

We have extended our shop hours before Christmas to: later on Thursdays (until 5.30) and OPEN the next 2 MONDAYS from 8.30-4.30 (like Tue, Wed & Frid).  Our Sat hours will stay the same 9-1.30.  But then we will be CLOSED for  a few weeks and reopening on Tuesday, 14 Jan for business as usual.

TS Christmas WishesWe want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Christmas full of nourishing company, great food,  joyful times with family and friends and lots of belly laughs.  Thank you for all that you bring to our shop, it is a pleasure creating for you.  MERRY CHRISTMAS


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Christmas Craft and Activity Book

Advent Craft & Activity BookBring nourishment and creativity to your Christmas.  The ‘Advent Craft and Activity Book’ is a practical and fully illustrated book with creative suggestions for every day from December 1st through to Christmas and Epiphany.  Full of crafts, activities and stories, this is a fabulous book for engaging and involving children in a Christmas Season full of joy and reverence.

Dr H Christmas Gift Packs

Dr H have done it again with more wonderful gift ideas for special people in our lives, including ourselves!  3 packs to choose from and available only while stock lasts

2013 Christmas HandNatural Touch The beauty of small gestures $35 contains: Hand Cream 30ml & Neem Nail Pen 4ml

Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream envelops the hands in its silky, subtly fragrant texture while Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail Oil provides deep moisturising for the nails.


2013 Christmas RoseRose Dreams – Give the gift of roses to nurture the skin and the spirit $55  contains: Rose Nurturing Body Wash 200ml, Rose Body Oil 30ml, Rose Nurturing Bath Essence 30ml & Rose Soap 60g

 The rose – it is resistant yet tender, thorny and at the same time velvety. Its complexity – gentle, sensual and even sublime – infuses the four products which are united in the Rose Dreams gift set.
2013 Christmas Almond

Almond Desires – A gentle fragrance full of magic $45 contains: Almond Body Moisturiser 145ml & Almond Soothing Body Wash 10ml
A loving touch to the skin that conveys a feeling of security and well-being.

Advent Calendars

As our Christmas stock trickles in to our shop and finds it places on our shelves (just for a wee rest) my favourites  would have to be our beautiful Advent Calendars.  With images to take you on journeys through December and towards Christmas, our Advent Calendars & Lanterns can help bring rhythm and ritual into your Christmas,  keeping the element of wonder and surprise alive with a touch of anticipation.    Various sizes, from small to large, different pictures, inside and out, some with books to accompany or small verses and definitely no chocolate!  Visit our Advent Calendar page for all stock including sizes, here are but a few…