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Moving Sale

Moving Sale A5


Moving with the winds

As many of you will know The Honeyclock has been for sale since February.  Our buyer doesn’t seem to have found their way to us just yet however we are still hopeful they are on their way.  In the mean time we have discovered we will need to vacate our current premises and so our last trading day in our current light filled shop will be Saturday 14 June, that’s about 6 weeks away.
If you are not on our mailing list or our ‘friend’ on Facebook, or following our ‘blog’ and you want to stay up to date with where we move to please send us your email address and we can add you to our ‘moving notification’ list and keep you fully informed and up to date with our movements.
In the meantime make sure you come in and see us and stock up on all your favourite goodies while stocks last

MvZ; Play the Violin

Marjan van Zeyl ‘Play the Violin’


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Something for PUDDLES

with large water elementWith all this beautiful rain, watched over by sunshine, something to float in puddles is just what every child (big or small) needs.  We have lots in stock, from self propelled, rolling & rocking, balloon powered or choose one of my favourites, our boat & docking station ($32.80).   If you are living somewhere without puddles then all these boats are excellent in the bath tub, swimming pool or on a calm day, in the ocean, river or lakes.

Beautiful Natural Toys – New in store

We have been restocking our shelves since Christmas and most of our new stock has arrived – here’s a glimpse for you

Dolls House & Marble Run

Have your seen our beautiful 2 Storey Dolls Houses from Poland

or our quality beechwood Marble Runs

Marble Run

Both these products are two of our very favourite items at The Honeyclock.   Our Doll houses have all the access required for inspiring great imaginative play,  ‘playing families’: eating dinner, going to bed, climbing the stairs,  and walking in the surrounding gardens while someone waves  from the upstairs balcony.    The long arms of our marble runs guide balls or a tinkling bell disk down in a mesmerising rhythmic descent.  A fascinating and engaging toy, this run folds away easily, ready to be brought back out again and again for fresh new play.

Natural, wooden TOYS

We need to be careful with children’s environments – including the colours, sounds and toys which surround them – so as not to hinder healthy development. 

Similarly, we should pay great attention to the quality of the materials of children’s toys.  In sympathy with the developing form of the child’s inner organs, play materials from the organic realm are particularly appropriate.  The variety of their shapes, the quality of their surfaces, their natural density and weight are unmatched.  Natural materials greatly extend the range of experience and enhance children’s sensitivity… even the simplest objects provide children with food for the imagination.

In addition to the things which we find ready-made in nature, we can add those objects which have been formed by the human hand through craft work.  Bearing in mind the importance of the child’s unfolding imagination, we should try to make such toys as simple and as beautiful as possible.‘ (from Toymaking with Children by Freya Jaffke)

We have a  wonderful selection of natural toys to enrich children’s imagination and play and are currently adding them to our web site, have a look and feel free to share them –

Wooden Toys to inspire the imagination

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Wooden Vehicles

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