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Moving with the winds

As many of you will know The Honeyclock has been for sale since February.  Our buyer doesn’t seem to have found their way to us just yet however we are still hopeful they are on their way.  In the mean time we have discovered we will need to vacate our current premises and so our last trading day in our current light filled shop will be Saturday 14 June, that’s about 6 weeks away.
If you are not on our mailing list or our ‘friend’ on Facebook, or following our ‘blog’ and you want to stay up to date with where we move to please send us your email address and we can add you to our ‘moving notification’ list and keep you fully informed and up to date with our movements.
In the meantime make sure you come in and see us and stock up on all your favourite goodies while stocks last

MvZ; Play the Violin

Marjan van Zeyl ‘Play the Violin’



Christmas & Holiday Hours

We have extended our shop hours before Christmas to: later on Thursdays (until 5.30) and OPEN the next 2 MONDAYS from 8.30-4.30 (like Tue, Wed & Frid).  Our Sat hours will stay the same 9-1.30.  But then we will be CLOSED for  a few weeks and reopening on Tuesday, 14 Jan for business as usual.

TS Christmas WishesWe want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Christmas full of nourishing company, great food,  joyful times with family and friends and lots of belly laughs.  Thank you for all that you bring to our shop, it is a pleasure creating for you.  MERRY CHRISTMAS


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Christmas Craft and Activity Book

Advent Craft & Activity BookBring nourishment and creativity to your Christmas.  The ‘Advent Craft and Activity Book’ is a practical and fully illustrated book with creative suggestions for every day from December 1st through to Christmas and Epiphany.  Full of crafts, activities and stories, this is a fabulous book for engaging and involving children in a Christmas Season full of joy and reverence.

Advent Calendars

As our Christmas stock trickles in to our shop and finds it places on our shelves (just for a wee rest) my favourites  would have to be our beautiful Advent Calendars.  With images to take you on journeys through December and towards Christmas, our Advent Calendars & Lanterns can help bring rhythm and ritual into your Christmas,  keeping the element of wonder and surprise alive with a touch of anticipation.    Various sizes, from small to large, different pictures, inside and out, some with books to accompany or small verses and definitely no chocolate!  Visit our Advent Calendar page for all stock including sizes, here are but a few…

How do you celebrate Christmas?

How do you celebrate Christmas in your family?  When you become parents, you get an opportunity to think about this in a different way.  What traditions from your own childhood do you carry forward?  Are there things you want to do differently?  It dawns on you that you are creating your children’s memories – and the urge to make Christmas special and meaningful burns brightly.

Getting together with family – sharing food and gifts and time together – feature in most people’s picture.  Can we call this ‘honey time’? Time that is sweet and fluid and oh so nourishing.

But it’s not all sweetness and light, is it? It can turn out to be a very stressful time of the year.   Getting together with family often opens old wounds and there are so many things happening at this time of year that it can get a bit much: the school year finishes, summer holidays need to be prepared for, office parties, neighbourhood gatherings, Christmas cards to send, baking and gift buying… It can be a time of contradictions.

Here at The Honeyclock, we wish for you some sweet honey time.  Relaxed, stress-free, uncomplicated.  Some time to connect with your dear ones and nourish yourself.  We wish for you a lovely break!

And, if you’re still not quite ready for Christmas or stocked up on your Dr Hauschka or cleaning needs for the three weeks we will be closed, pop in to The Honeyclock this week and see us!  Our latest newsletter  gives you a brief overview of our shop and some of what we have to offer you this Christmas…

Advent Calendars have arrived

… in all shapes and sizes. Some relate to well known Advent stories ‘The Light in the Lantern’ and ‘Mary’s Little Donkey’, others include their own story, some have a ‘thought’ for each window, some have moving pictures, and some just unfold to reveal a beautiful scene. You’re sure to find one to suit, if you’re quick!  See their lovely images on our Christmas page under products.