Jill says Goodbye

Thank you to all the dear friends and customers-who-have-become-friends who have popped in or emailed to say goodbye.  The Honeyclock has been a beautiful place to work, and I have especially loved the conversations.

The world does need dedicated teachers, and I am excited to be ‘heeding the call’ to meet a new group of children and their families, and to be part of a school community once again.

But I would also say that the world needs beautiful places like The Honeyclock that represent a choice for ethical and sustainable living.  Sharon and I have worked with dedication and commitment to create the place of beauty and peacefulness that is The Honeyclock, and we love doing it.  What I would urge you all to realise on a very personal level is that it takes your financial choices in order for it and similar shops to exist and to flourish.  I would urge you to continue supporting The Honeyclock, and to spread the word.  That way, Sharon will get the support she needs in order to keep doing what she does so well.

Thank you for your support over the past few years, and your conversations.  I’m sure I will see many of you again.
With fond regards,


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