Making Winter Lanterns

As the darkness of our nights increases and we head towards the shortest day of the year, winter lanterns can bring a beautiful glow of light to all environments.  Here are a few ideas for how to make some:

Star lantern from ‘Craft Though the Year‘ $29.95, make with kite paper or watercolour paintings

Use Kite Paper (a translucent waxed paper in radiant colours) to fold and glue into any shape you desire, or even to cover a jar.  Available in store by the roll $6.70 or a pad of smaller squares $8.80

Use modelling wax (a transparent wax that can easily be shaped and pressed onto jars) giving a stained glass effect.  Available in store $2.85 per colour (a little goes a very very very long way)

Watercolour paintings (your children’s masterpieces or your own) – can be used in the same way as the Kite paper above.   Painting paper available in store 75c per sheet.

From blog ‘Mom’s Crafty Space’ Made using paintings, full instructions online.

Use tealight candles within and make sure you have a long handle to avoid the heat that comes off the candle burning your hands.  100% wool handles are great because of wools flame resistance qualities.

On the shortest day of the year take your lanterns and have a little walk, either through your home (with lights turned off) or through your neighbourhood.  Invite others to join you and later, see if you can find some quiet inner time to connect with the flame that burns within you.  An open fire is a lovely way to finish your lantern walk, especially with roasted apples!NOTE:  The shortest day of the year, also known as the Winter Solstice, may be on 20 or 21 June in Perth WA Australia (I’ve found differing dates, you choose what works for you).


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