Tune into Moon Time and the Cosmic Rhythms

Moontime Diaries 2013 – the art of timing, Antipodean Astro Calendars 2013– weather forecasting, sky watching & Biodynamic planting guide and Moon Planting Primer 2013 – four lunar rhythms.  ALL NOW AVAILABLE.

The Moontime Diary 2013 works with the natural seasons & cycles of the moon, sun & planets.  Everyday practical suggestions show how you can make the most of the moon phases in relation to health & nutrition, home & garden, small business, astrology, wiccan & new age.

Antipodean Astro Calendar 2013 by Brian Keats is designed for the Southern Hemisphere & in its 25th edition.  The purpose is to help people in the many walks of life make a connection to the celestial bodies & the unfolding cosmic rhythms. The calendar has many practical applications such as farming, gardening, weather forecasting, sky watching & understanding Sun, Moon & planetary cycles.

Moon Planting Primer 2013 by Brian Keats is designed for beginners in Moon Planting & includes four primary lunar rhythms: Moon phases (full or new, light or dark), Moon altitude (high or low, North or South), Moon proximity to Earth (near or far, Perigee or Apogee) and Moon in Zodiac (which constellation).


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