Star Weavings – spring/summer 2012

Star Weavings grew out of a need to strengthen communication between those working with child under seven, both in Rudolf Steiner Schools and in the wider community.

The weaving image was chosen to represent strength through a common foundation of Rudolf Steiners’s Indications (the warp), and enrichment and enlivening through individuals sharing of their work (the weft).

This Spring/Summer 2012 issue (no.48) contains the following articles;

  • ‘Working with accelerated and delayed development in early childhood education’
  • ‘Our Children; guides on a path towards becoming truly human’
  • ‘The Essentials of Waldorf Education for 0-3 yr olds – a round table discussion’
  • ‘Mary Willow – working with the Will of the Young Child’
  • ‘The importance of caring for/educating the child from birth to three’
  • ‘Playful Movement Imaginations to integrate the lower senses’

There are also songs, a few recipes and craft as well as stories and regional reports from throughout Australia.  Available in store while stocks last, with some back issues still available.


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