Newly born

This month we are experiencing the birth of many bundles of newly born beauty as mothers who have recently given birth bring their lovely new children into our shop.  Lying, sleeping, nestled in their mothers arms, these children evoke a different pace in us as we stop in our tasks to watch them.  Serenely they lie, delicately they radiate an energy we have not felt for a long time that makes our hearts swell.  We see their long fingers and tiny finger nails, their red feet with toes pointing in all directions, their peacefully closed eyes with long lashes or their red faces as they slowly screw them up ready to share with us their voices.  We talk gently and quietly and we share experiences of birthing, siblings, mothering and the differences that come with each individual person into this world.



3 responses to “Newly born

  1. What an exquisite piece of writing delicately capturing the moment…

  2. Please credit the artist of the this beautiful work.

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