Dr Hauschka Velvety Soft Gift Set

arrived in store today & is a great gift at only $24.

Dr Hauschka Hand Cream envelops and protects the hands like an invisible glove.  It isn’t oily, but just sinks into your skin with a wonderful soft fragrance that you keep smelling over and over, and you can feel it protecting all day long.  This cream alone is a common gift people often buy for someone special, now you can get it with a small added bonus.  Dr Hauschka Lip Balm moisturises the sensitive lips & protects them from the elements & weather.

Dr H has is a wonderful skin care product for our bodies and faces.  Customers who use it come back over and over again because it is just so good and we can’t find another product that beats it.   We are talking about a hand-harvested skin care range that is grown organically or biodynamically and then manufactured using a rhythmical processing method.  How often do you get that at this amazing price?


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